Is your business too… saturated?

You ever think your business might be too saturated?

You got in too late?

There’s no good distributors left?

Or think…

…There’s soooo many reps, do I even stand a chance?

I’ve heard this countless times from disgruntled reps.

It’s the reason they use to justify why they haven’t achieved the levels of success they ‘thought’ they’d have by signing up for their business.

Have you felt this way or talked with someone who sounded like this?

I bet you have 🙂

Here’s the reality, there’s billions and billions of people on the planet.

So is there a ‘lead’ shortage?

Hell no!!

Is there a shortage of ailments, savings, weight to be lost, skin to look younger, etc. from those billions of people?



Cuz those are core needs, wants, and desires that exist now, and will ALWAYS exist as long as there’s a population of people.

So, if there’s no real shortage of prospects, then why do people make statements that it’s “too saturated”?

Good question…

And, I think the answer lies in the prospects they are talking to.

Look, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times.

Finding high quality, interested and excited prospects for your products, services, or opportunity is…


Those 15-20 highly qualified leads you need coming in every day.

Without them, you’re almost destined to succumb to the “too saturated” mindset.

You see, when you don’t get the results you think you should.

The results you assumed would come as a result of that ‘sizzle’ video your upline showed you when they recruited you.

You get discouraged.

You start questioning everything.

You start wondering…

– Is this really a pyramid like my friends told me?

– Is it me?

– Is it my company?

– Are there too many reps?

All these different questions start flooding into your head, like water cascading down Niagara Falls.

And then you get negative, which is poison to your business, and will kill it if you don’t address it quickly.

Maybe just a little at first, but once you’ve let that seed of negativity be planted in your mind…

You’re on the downhill slope heading towards quitting.

I know, because these exacts feelings happened to me with my very first networking company.

I quit.

It happened with the half-dozen networking companies I signed up with, after that.

I quit those, too.

It still tastes bad coming off my tongue, but you have to live and learn (and not quit).

Don’t quit… go out and make something happen!

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