This Feeling Of Helplessness Swept Over Me…

I had just finished my 5th “attempted” house meeting to present my opportunity to folks on my list.

I say “attempted” because the results were pathetic.

But this time, it hurt particularly bad.


Because I had 12 people, double confirm that they’d be at my house for “dinner” and to “talk about something new I was doing”.

That was nine more people than I’ve had commit for any of my prior attempted home meeting.

So I was freakin’ pumped.

I could just see half of those folks joining my business that night.

Guess what…

Out of those 12, double confirmed people, guess how many showed up?




It was like I had gotten punched right in the gut.

My head was spinning as I was trying to process what had happened.

How could these folks have stood me up after confirming twice?

Was it something I said?

Something I didn’t?

Back then, I couldn’t figure out what the heck I did wrong.

Now, looking back, I know without a doubt what it was.

I was basically trying to “trick” my friends, family, etc into seeing my opportunity presentation.

I was vague as possible as to “what this was about”, just like my upline told me to be.

And, I became highly frustrated, and felt helpless.

You ever had any experiences like that building your networking business?

Done EXACTLY what you’ve been told…

Only to fall flat on your face.

You have!?

Figured you might.

So what happened to me after that failed home meeting?

Many more months of struggling, trying to do it the way my company taught, only to be met with more and more frustration (and lack of results).

Finally, I decided to go out and see if there was another way to build a successful networking business…

And what I found was business-changing.

I wasn’t doing home meetings any more.

At least not as a way to “convince” my prospects to join my business.


I was ONLY talking to people who were actually looking for a business, just like mine, and were “ready” to get started.

No more tire kickers.

No more no-shows for home meetings.


It was a relief.

And will be for you too, once you decide to grab a copy of A Simple Way To Have 3 – 5 New People Looking At Your Network Marketing Business Every Day.

The strategies, scripts, and methods…

Work now, and will work long into the future.

If you’re ready to quit begging people to come to your meeting, opportunity calls, and presentations, then you need to grab a copy of A Simple Way To Have 3 – 5 New People Looking At Your Network Marketing Business Every Day, today.

Best part…

It won’t break the bank…

But WILL break your business wide open by simply diving in and getting started.

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