The googly eyed crazy lady almost got me…

You ever have googly eyes? You know… when you look at something at the moment you see it, you just have to have it and you’ll do whatever it takes to get it?

I was almost sold by one last week. Her pure excitement and enthusiasm for her business was so contagious, I actually caught myself buying into her.

Then, I had a sudden snap back to reality (no not the rap song) when I started asking her questions and realized she had been in 6 different opportunities in the last 2 years alone!

Let’s call her Sally to save her the shaming, gets a case of the googly eyes every time a new opportunity comes along. She jumps ship and heads to the next “deal” in hopes that “timing” is right so she can ride the wave.

I can’t stand people like this.

They get all “googly eyed” when the next shiny object comes along…POOF, off they go…like a bullet, gone again!

Sooner or later, you realize that instead of “looking for a home” and hoping for some luck, you gotta take a little extra time and figure out how to build a home. Understand real concepts, strategies and techniques to build a rock-solid stable business you can count on.

Kinda like the old philosophy, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

It’s no different, there are no shortcuts. Most people aren’t cut out to be entrepreneurs.

But for those that are…

I want to show you how you can feed yourself for a lifetime…

but somethin’s gotta change and it starts with getting your copy of the “A Simple Way To Have 3 – 5 New People Looking At Your Network Marketing Business Every Day“.

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