Guns and Vomit

Treat your business like a loaded gun…

Don’t just run around pointing it at everyone, instead point it down range at a laser targeted prospect who actually wants to speak with you!

In other words, don’t just talk to everyone you know or come across about your business…. it’s like you’re running around throwing up all over them.

You don’t even know if they’re interested or qualified to even purchase one of your products or services!

Your better off targeting prospects who raises their hand, says they’re interested and pre-qualifies themselves by taking an action to get to you.

Doesn’t that sound like a high quality prospect?

You’ll have a much better chance at hitting your target instead of wasting time dilly-dallying with uninterested, untargeted and unqualified prospects.

Then once you hit the bullseye, you’ll be able to continually hit it, even in your sleep!

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