I’m looking for an opportunity…

Before you start looking for the ‘Contact’ page, I’m not actually looking for an opportunity, but one of my friends sent me this email the other day.

Here’s what he sent me:

“I’ve done MLM before, with limited success in (Company Name). Maybe five people per month, but they always quit faster than I could add them. So I quit too.

But with this economy, I’m diving in again.

A friend is high up in (Company Name), but that just seems like Kool-Aid in a cup.

Plus, there is a lot of buzz going on now, and I don’t want a LOT of competition for distributors.”


So there are a couple things going on in this email that should let you know the following:

– he blames the distributors he recruited for his lack of success

– he’s an opportunist

– “I don’t want a LOT of competition for distributors”

I just can’t get past that last statement.

“I don’t want…competition”

If that doesn’t scream, get-rich-quick, hope and NO action, I don’t know what does.

And really…

The whole email screams that.

Which means, he’s destined for failure once again (and I told him that).

Not to be harsh, but I’m gonna call a friend out when I see them talking, thinking, or acting the wrong way.

And that whole email just proves that his mindset is completely wrong.

Wanna know what I recommended he do after I told him he was destined to fail again?

I told him to stay on the sidelines until he can get his mindset right.

It won’t matter if he has the best company…

With the best comp plan…

With the most ‘buzz’.

He’s gonna fail.

And it’s all because of the six inches between his ears.

Have you ever dealt with anyone that has this kind of mindset?

Someone who jumps from deal to deal, hoping the new company is gonna be ‘the one’ that lets them collect BIG Checks. (Notice I said ‘let’, not work, earn, grind for them)

Unfortunately, they’re doomed from the start.

If you know anyone like this it’s your duty to let them know their mindset is killing their chances of success.

It’s up to them to take the advice or not, but you’ll have done your part by letting them know.

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