One Weird Lead Strategy Gets 3 Hot Prospects Daily

I’m feeling extra generous today, so I’m going to show you a weird lead strategy that will easily get you three hot prospects per day.

But I gotta warn you, it ain’t easy! I know!

You gotta roll up your sleeves and be willing to put some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease into it. It’s hard and not everyone is up for the challenge (or qualified).

Pay close attention here…

If you’re not lazy or afraid to talk to people, you can easily find an unlimited amount of leads online.

Step 1: Know your market. You have to know where they hang out, what makes them tick, what keeps them awake at night.

Step 2: Know your competition. Who are they? What’s their approach? What’s their sales process? (Hint: this makes it easy to target and reach your ideal customers and prospects)

Step 3: You need leads. Now that you know your market and your competition you gotta get some leads to grow your business.

Let me give you an example: (Here’s the goods)…

I know my market is network marketers. The #1 recurring issue I come across in talking to 99% of my market is that they struggle with getting leads. There are THOUSANDS of network marketing companies in existence.

So, how do I get leads?

Simple: every single network marketing company has a “replicated website”, a site that you are given for free by your company.

Our friend Google provides a link to each of those sites. So with a little research, and a small command I type into the search engine, I can get the results to all the “replicated websites” for a particular company. I do this by typing “” into the Google search.

Most companies allow their reps to provide the Name, Phone and Email address on their website.


Try it and you’ll quickly discover how you can easily get 3-5 hot propects every single day!

Once you do that – and you’re really ready to turbo charge things a bit, go to the link below and grab a membership with MLM Recruit-On-Demand. They automate this entire process, offering unlimited leads for life. You’ll find scripts, live-call training, contact management and more:

MLM Recruit-On-Demand

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